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Private Yoga Instruction

Yoga is a beautiful practice that will help you build strength and balance while improving flexibility.  It has a profound effect, not only on the physical body, but on the mind and spirit as well.  Whether you are interested in the physical aspects of yoga or are more curious about the spiritual and philosophical component, a private lesson can be tailored to meet your desires to learn more.

New to Yoga?

A private lesson will introduce you to the foundations of a healthy practice.  After discussing your individual goals, we will go over techniques and exercises that are suitable for your level of ability as well as develop a simple routine that you can practice easily, as often as you like.  Every body is unique and a private lesson will address the needs specific of your body as well as effective ways to achieve your goals.

Experienced Yogi or Yogini?

A private lesson will help take you deeper into your practice.  We will discuss your goals and ways to meet them.  I can help you go deeper into asanas and explore more advanced variations.  You will learn ways to get more out of your regular yoga practice and tips to developing a more effective at-home practice.  We can also explore the deeper meanings of yoga and how to integrate them as a way of life.  The possibilities are endless.

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